Marking and coding machines, other industrial machinery and
machine complements.

MarCoPack manufactures almost the totality of its machines and designs specific solutions to optimize the maximum of all the resources available in the industry. Thus, it is often necessary to complement the filling, capping and labelling functions with other solutions to improve the commercialisation of the ended product.

Among the most demanded complementary solutions are metal detectors and checkweighers, which complement the complete packaging processes, mainly in the agri-food sector.

In addition, the incorporation of marking and coding solutions, demanded by industries and consumers, is also frequent. These machines can be used in any packaging such as boxes, bags, trays, jars, cans, bottles, etc. as well as in the agri-food, chemical, automotive, cosmetics and industrial sectors.

On the other hand, there are elements that can be added to existing machines in production plants. For example, rotary or not table for storage, conveyor belts, feeding and/or reception of the container.

From our design department, the MarCoPack team is in charge of adapting specific solutions to your industrial machinery models, without ignoring the requirements of each sector and of any type of packaging: flat, cylindrical, square, rectangular, conical, etc.

Complementary solutions for your production line?

At MarCoPack we offer complementary solutions by incorporating them into our machines or integrating them into our production lines.

Our design and manufacturing department will help you to define each functionality and to find the most suitable tailor-made solution for your industrial sector.

Metal detectors
Marking and coding
Heat shrink seal
Motorised transport
External stainless steel tank
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