Automatic and semi-automatic dosing and capping machines
for industrial processing.

The dosing machines manufactured by MarCoPack are used for liquid products, both fluid and dense, mainly used in the food, chemical and cosmetic sectors and with cylindrical, conical, square, oval, etc. containers.

The different models of MarCoPack fillers allow the dosing of dense and semi-dense, foaming and non-foaming liquids.

We use automatic and semi-automatic systems by flowmeter or volumetric.

MarCoPack’s design department is responsible for designing dosing machines that are easy to maintain, easy to use, and easy to clean.

All machines are made of stainless materials to guarantee aseptic filling.

Semi-automatic filling machine

MarCoPack manufactures single nozzle semi-automatic packaging machines adaptable adaptable to different products and sectors. They highlight their easy handling, low maintenance, and ability to adjust in volume quickly and easily.

Automatic filling machine

MarCoPack has designed a very versatile dosing machine to be able to fill different containers (such as bottles, jars, carafes, drums) with different types of liquids to suit the chemical, food and cosmetic sectors.

The automatic fillers are designed in linear form with from 2 to 12 nozzles and with a height adjustment system to adapt the machine quickly and easily to the needs of each moment and to the formats to be used.

The filling system can be volumetric or by flowmeter. The differing use is basically linked to the precision of the volume to be filled and the quantities according to the container, and to the properties of the product to be filled, such as its conductivity.

It can be equipped with an integrated or independent tank, which facilitates maintenance and cleaning. In any case, it will have a stainless steel pump adapted to the product to be dosed, and a polycarbonate screen as a protection system in the production line.


Automatic capping machines for industrial plant

The capping machine manufactured by MarCoPack can be used on containers such as bottles, jars, demijohns, drums, cans, etc. used mainly in the food and chemical sectors.

Our automatic linear capping machine allows the caps or closures to be placed in a vertical hopper and the containers to be capped. Capping can be carried out by screw capping (simple, Pilfer proof, semi-automatic) or by motorised or pneumatic pressure.

MarCoPack’s design department is in charge of adapting our dosing machine model to the specific needs of each production plant.

All the equipment is manufactured in stainless steel and incorporates a polycarbonate screen as a production protection system.

Automatic Capping machine

The MarCoPack linear automatic capper allows the capping by screw or by pressure, motorised rotary or pneumatic by means of a starwheel once the cap has been placed by means of a robbery system coming from a customised feeder.

The adjustment of the capping is due to side belts with an independent motor reducer.

The equipment offers minimum maintenance with easily removable protections.

The machine is optionally designed to be fitted with a cap positioner consisting of a gooseneck-type elevator, with a hopper and standard motor controlled.

Customised capper or filler?

MarCoPack has a design and manufacturing department for customised capping and filling machines. We will guide you in defining the characteristics to integrate it into the production plant of your industry.

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