Automatic and semi-automatic labelling machines.
for industrial plants.

The labelling machines manufactured by MarCoPack can be used in any type of packaging such as boxes, bags, trays, jars, cans, bottles, etc., used in the food, chemical, automotive, cosmetics and industrial sectors.

The different models of MarCoPack labellers allow wrap-around labelling, with guarantee seal, bottom, top or side labelling of 1 or several labels simultaneously and at different speeds depending on the degree of automation.

In addition, the vast majority of the equipment has the option of integrating printing, marking or coding systems according to the customer’s needs.

MarCoPack’s design department is in charge of adapting our labelling machine models to the specific needs of each production plant and to the format or requirements of any type of recipient: flat, cylindrical, square, rectangular, conical, etc.

Labels applicator

These machines are used for vertical and horizontal labelling applications on cartons, trays, bags, etc. The machines are able to print in the same process. Outstanding for their easy handling and quick incorporation into the production plant.

Print & Apply

Our in-line printers print and apply labels on any type of container and packaging, helping to personalise the label and reducing unnecessary label stock.
All these machines have in common their versatility to be installed on any production line.

Semi-automatic Labelling machine

Our semi-automatic in-line printing machines print and apply labels on all types of containers and packaging, helping to reduce label and container stock. All of them have in common their versatility to be installed in any production line.

Top & bottom Labelling machine

These automatic labellers from MarCoPack adapt to the labelling needs of each product.

They allow the application of self-adhesive labels on the bottom and/or top of boxes, trays, packs, etc. independently or simultaneously. Up to 4 heads.

Cylindrical container labelling machine

MarCoPack’s industrial automatic labellers for cylindrical containers such as bottles or jars, offer models that combine high performance, maximum precision, simultaneous labelling of multiple labels, and versatility to adapt to different container formats and sizes.

Labelling machine for Cylindrical and Flat Containers

The automatic labelling machines for cylindrical or flat containers allow the application of the self-adhesive label in the most precise positions, allowing up to 4 labels to be applied simultaneously on each container in high output productions.

Guarantee seal Labelling machine

The MarCoPack automatic labelling machines with double function include the adhesion of one or two labels, together with the guarantee seal on containers. They have been designed for high performance plants.

Customised labelling machine?

MarCoPack has a design and manufacturing department for customised labelling machines. We will guide you in the definition of the characteristics, size and precise operation to integrate it in the production plant of your industry.

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