Head Applicator medium performance multi-format MCP 60T

MCP 60T is a self-adhesive label applicator with an automatic labelling system specially designed for high-performance applications.

Types of packaging to be used

Features and Functionality

This label applicator can apply labels from above, from the side, or from below.

The MCP 60T multiformat label applicator dispenses up to 60 metres/minute for horizontal and vertical labelling, and is used in the chemical, cosmetics, food sectors.

The MCP 60T is easy to handle, has a 256-colour touch screen, and place the label using several parameters such as labelling speed, label running and stopping. It has a label breakage and label end alarm, and real-time average output calculation.

Head Applicator medium performance multi-format MCP 60T

Customised machinery?

MarCoPack has a design and manufacturing department for customised filling, capping and labelling machines with complementary solutions, being able to manufacture complete lines.

Explain your project to us and we will guide you in defining the characteristics of each piece of machinery for its integration into the production plant of your industry.

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