MarCoPack offers specialised solutions for the perfume, personal care, hygiene and pet care and the parapharmaceutical industry.

The cosmetics industry manufactures a wide variety of products that include a wide range of formats and packaging.

The commissioning of a production line for the cosmetics sector must take into account the strict regulations in force and the specific manufacturing needs that your plant’s machinery must incorporate.

In addition, in the design phase, we must take into account the complexity of the production process itself, and the specialization tasks of each of the machines to be installed.

MarCoPack’s expertise in the design phase of solutions for packaging, filling, capping or labeling of products from the perfume, personal care, or parapharmacy industries, allows us to offer automatic or semi-automatic machines that comply with the most demanding quality and safety regulations.

Our equipment enables

  • filling and capping liquid and dense products (creams, deodorants, food supplements, vitamin supplements, shampoos, shower gel, makeup, etc.)
  • Include one or more labels on recipients of different shapes and capacities
  • add security seals, batch marking and printing, etc.

and a long list of functions necessary to launch a cosmetic product with the maximum guarantees and the latest innovations on the market.

Industrial solutions for filling, capping and labeling for the Cosmetics industry?

MarCoPack designs and manufactures industrial machines to create your complete customized line or to incorporate new machines to renovate your cosmetic industry plant.

Ask for advice on the definition and designs of the most efficient and optimized machines for the production plant of your industry.

Find your MarCoPack Machinery for Cosmetic Industry

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