Application of the Guarantee Seal in the food and cosmetics industry

Which food and cosmetic products include a guarantee seal and how this security label is applied in the labelling process.

The application of tamper evident seals in food labelling has several advantages:

  • ensure food safety by preventing unauthorised handling of products. This protects the health of consumers and avoids possible fraud or contamination.
  • transmit confidence to the consumer, ensuring that the product has not been previously opened.
  • can be used as marketing tools, as they indicate a concern for product quality and safety, generating a positive perception among consumers.

What are Security Seals?

The guarantee seal is a highly effective proof of security, widely used in the food and cosmetics industry. Its main function is to ensure that the contents of containers, whether jars, bottles, flasks, demijohns or other containers, have not been previously opened, contaminated or tampered with prior to their first opening.

The Guarantee Seal is placed in the labelling or capping processdepending on the system used, and serves to ensure that the substance contained in the container has not been altered since its introduction, ensuring the tightness of the product from the time it leaves the factory, during transport to the point of sale and until it is purchased by the end customer.

The most common products with a guarantee seal are:

  • Food products: jams and jellies, sauces, honey, dairy products, spices, wines and spirits, pickles, food in glass jars, nuts and snacks, sausages, etc.
  • Cosmetic products: creams, make-up, colognes, etc.

Security sealing systems

  • Adhesive label: The most economical tamper-evident system, and uses an adhesive label that attaches the lid or cap to the container so that the product cannot be opened without breaking the seal.

  • Thermal or induction sealing system. It is a shrinkable plastic film that adheres to the mouth of the container due to the effect of heat.

  • Tax seals or tax marks: Any alcoholic beverage marketed in Spain must pay a special manufacturing tax, which is accredited by placing the circulation seal attached to the stopper or closure of the bottle, so that it cannot be opened without breaking it. This type of seal must be affixed to all wines and spirits, and is usually placed over a heat seal.

Adhesive tamper evident seal application for high production of cylindrical or flat containers

The MCP 400T labeller, manufactured by MarCoPack, is a complete solution for labelling products in the food and cosmetics industry that require high production and adaptability to different types of products and containers.

With the MCP 400T, manufacturers can achieve accurate and efficient labelling on a wide range of containers including cylindrical, flat or oval-shaped jars, bottles, jars, jars….

The MCP 400T solution is a versatile, high-performance machine that enables the application of up to 3 labels on the container (label, back label and tamper-evident seal) in a single labelling cycle at a speed of up to 10,000 containers/hour.

This allows the inclusion of essential information such as nutritional data, barcodes, expiry dates, batch codes, instructions for use and any other information required by regulations or the marketing needs of the company.

It also includes the possibility of applying the guarantee seal by adapting its position to the type of packaging.

In summary, the MarCoPack MCP 400T High Production Multiformat Labeller represents an indispensable tool for manufacturers in the food and cosmetics sector, guaranteeing accurate, efficient and secure labelling, ensuring product integrity and strengthening consumer confidence.

At MarCoPack we are specialists in the design and manufacture of multifunctional labelling machines for stand-alone work or within a production line, consult your requirements, we will find the solution!

Videos MCP 400T labeller

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