AutomAtic Complete Line

The automatic line is suitable for companies that need to increase their production by increasing the automation of their processes. It is applicable to any sector: chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

It is composed of :

  • Automatic dosing or filling machine: it can be volumetric or flowmeters, depending on the product to be dosed. We can dose different types of containers, and the dosing nozzles vary from 2 to 12 nozzles, depending on the required production.
  • Linear automatic capping machine: for capping containers after dosing, with protective screen, cap positioner, and a ramp or also with elevator (caps).
  • Automatic labeller: we have a wide range of models available. Therefore, it is necessary to know the type of container to be labelled, how many labels you want to apply, and the production you have.

Contact MarCoPack to design a customised automatic complete line and request a quotation!

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